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Viond Player: The future of VR storytelling is here

The Viond Player enables you to take your 360° content to the next level by allowing you to easily navigate and interact with your Virtual Reality environment.

Do more than explore - experience

Go from point to point in your dynamic story with added interactive elements along the way, allowing you to go Viond ordinary 360° video and photos and into experiences.

Traditional 360° videos and photos will never be the same!

→ Take a look for yourself and experience the many features the Viond platform has to offer

(VR glasses recommended but not required)

⊕Office Tour: Take a tour of the Viond headquarters and navigate from room to room (try to find some of our colleagues along the way)

⊕ Airbnb apartment tour: Experience a property tour from the perspective of a potential buyer (make sure to move some furniture along the way)

⊕ Philharmonie: Step into Munich Philharmonic's stage, as they rehearse Anton Bruckner's Symphonie Nr. 6 in A major (a Süddeutsche Zeitung production)

→ Perfect for

⊕ Marketing Agencies

⊕ Virtual Reality Enthusiasts

⊕ Videographers and photographers

→ Viond Player Guide

⊕ Switch between Cardboard and 2D modes by tapping the button in the bottom-left corner

⊕ Hold the white cross on buttons to activate them, or tap them with your fingers (2D mode)

⊕ Stream or download an experience by selecting the play or download buttons

⊕ Use the white cross (or tap) to navigate inside 360° videos and images and interact with your environment

⊕ Look down and slide right to pause, resume, restart and exit the experiences

Interface 8.5

Functionality 6.1

UX 7.5

The Bottom Line 7.4

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