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Most Useful iOS Video Editing Apps  Video is the most viewed content format on the web. Social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and Vimeo generate millions of views every second! Today you can join the society of creators without a costly DSLR and a MacBook Pro! Everything you need to create sleek clips for your blog is an iPhone and a robust video editing app. From our list, you will learn everything about the best of them and start making your first clip right away! 1. Quick – Free Video Editor Quick is a free tool by GoPro Inc. It includes multiple smart instruments that let you search and cut the best moments in a few taps. Besides, you can brighten up the video with various custom captions and effects. The unique soundtrack editor can automatically synchronize videos with music to produce a rhythmic video. It means that you can even do dancing promos with Quick. Additional features include video speed tuning, live and stock video editing, a library of themes, video grids, and export to all existing social media.  2. Crello Video & Graphic Creator Crello Video & Graphic Creator is a specialized editor for short videos that require a lot of custom text and special effects. It comes with an immense library of 65 million stock photos for any purpose, and over 20000 templates for making impressive animations upon pre-recorded videos or pictures. It’s an excellent helper when it comes to creating short ad videos for social networks. In addition, Crello has robust customer support that’s available via the App Store comments 24/7.  3. Magisto Video Editor & Movie Maker Magisto Video Editor & Movie Maker is one of the most popular iOS video editors with a whopping 80-million user base. It gained such a huge following due to multiple convenient editing instruments. Here you can create fancy stories for social networks, make sleek music clips, or connect bright moments of your life into musical slideshows and chronicles. The free version is supplied with quite a lot of effects and instruments, but you can expand the toolset with numerous purchasable modules.  4. Triller – Music Video Maker Triller – Music Video Maker is focused on making dynamic music video clips using tracks from the US top-charts. You can select any track in the online library and film dancing moves or something else directly from the app. Next, you can finalize each record with color filters and particles. Due to the automated audio editor, you don’t have to waste time and match every clip to the rhythm. Triller – Music Video Maker doesn’t require any special experience from you to make impressive shots, so just think of something beautiful and press record.  5. Viva Video – Editor, Slideshow, Pro Camera Viva Video is even more popular than Magisto due to a robust set of free and downloadable instruments. The level of automation in the app is also impressive. It lets you create long videos quite fast and share them in all social networks in a few taps. The toolbox includes various adjustable color and text overlays, real-time previewing, lenses, collage grids, a slideshow mode, and many more. Developers claim that Viva Video is an all-purpose video studio, and they don’t lie. You can use it to make everything from short ads and memes to 30-minute takes for your YouTube blog. 6. VideoFix: Video Editor – For Beginners and Pros VideoFix: Video Editor is a lightweight, portable studio for quick editing on the go. Creating clips in this app takes minutes due to straightforward user interface and convenient tools. It supports the combining of different video files and images. Moreover, you can apply numerous artistic filters or edit light and color preferences manually. No matter how skillful you are, VideoFix: Video Editor will help you to reach the best result possible.  7. Intro Designer Lite – iMovie Intros Intro Designer Lite is a more niche video editing experience that’s focused on creating intro clips and exporting them to iMovie. It includes 7 editable professional templates for intros, lower thirds, credits, and several other purposes. The style of templates perfectly fits the overall style of iMovie effects so that you don’t have to waste time matching the clips. The tuning may appear a bit complicated if you’re new to the app, but there’s an integrated tutorial with a preview project so that you can train before making something new.  8. Text on Video – Easy Typography  Text on Video is designed for a single purpose. It lets you create and edit text overlays for videos of any length. It’s supplied with multiple fonts, a library of soundtracks, and an impressive text editor that’s flexible enough to let you create new fonts. It’s a must-have extension for any video editor. 9. Cameo – Movie Maker and Editor Cameo is another all-in-one solution that lets you film and edit videos right within the app. The app comes with a set of stylish themes that include text overlays, intros, credits, and automatic color adjustments. The interface is so straightforward that it lets you create cinema-quality clips in minutes!  10. Filmakr – Film & Cut Like a Pro Similarly to Cameo, Filmakr is focused on cinematic style videos. For that purpose, it features a wide range of color presents and different aspect ratio options. It also provides useful effects for music videos, including slow-mo and strobe light. Like a true professional camera, it can backup video to Dropbox immediately after you finish shooting. The only minus is the watermark, which costs some money to remove.  Now Do It! With such a bunch of creative iOS apps, you can really make everything from stylish Instagram clips to full-size movies about your life! Pick up the one that fulfills your needs and start making content that you always dreamed of! Are you using any video editors on your iPhone already? Are you going to complement it with any apps from our list? Tell everyone about your experience and preferences in the comments and share the article with other avid mobile movie makers!25 Continue Reading 8 Best Apps To Become Healthier, Calmer, & Smarter There are 2 ways to deal with your New Year resolutions. You can either try to progress using books, pen, and paper or just download an app and do everything twice as effectively. No matter what your goal is, there is an app for that on the App Store or Google Play. We selected 8 top-rated smartphone applications from different categories that will help you to get fitter, healthier, to deal with stress, get tons of inspiration, and learn something new. Open the app store on your device and get ready to download them! 1. Happify – Be More Optimistic As you can assume from the app’s name, it’s goal is to make you happier. Happify is based on unique meditational games designed to keep your mind away from negative thinking. Regular use of Happify can help you learn to deal with stress proactively, reduce anxiety levels, and boost the overall happiness rate. It includes higher optimism and self-evaluation. The app’s design lets you record your progress using the mood scale and move towards your life goals with better thoughts. You can get Happify on the App Store and Google Play for a $14.95 monthly subscription fee. 2. Calm – Meditate on The Go The Calm app is another stress-reduction assistant that can help you to relax before going to bed or to concentrate on your current tasks to accomplish them faster. The Calm method includes various meditations and mindfulness exercises with descriptive guides. If you are facing mild sleeping issues, try Calm’s sleep stories to chill down and fall asleep faster. If you have some important work that requires concentration, go to Calm’s music library. It features unique soundscapes for concentration to help you focus.  Together with NBA experts and the team’s absolute star LeBron James, Calm team developed a Mental Fitness course that’s focused on relaxing meditations. You can download the app on Google Play and the App Store. The monthly fee is $14.99.  3. Duolingo – Pay to Learn Languages Duolingo is one of the most effective free language-learning services ever and also the biggest of all. The mobile version of the service provides 27 complete language courses. The list includes the widely used languages and many smaller languages, including Greek, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Polish, Hawaiian, and many others.  The entire learning experience is based on immersive language games. They include gamified listening, writing, spelling, and other exercises. The minimalistic interface makes interacting with the app simple and effective, letting you concentrate on the material. According to scientific research that involved regular users and students who don’t use Duolingo showed that daily users could learn much faster than students in classes. If you want to try it, get Duolingo for free on Google Play or the App Store. The ad-free version will cost you $6.99 per month, but ads are not too annoying.  4. Vanido – Sing & Relax Vanido developers are avid researchers of shower singers! They figured out that people who sing regularly usually have a better mood and fewer destress episodes during the year. And you don’t have to be a pro to benefit too! Just sing along and enjoy yourself.  However, if your heart seeks for a clearer tone, you can download Vanido and hone your skills. The app is designed to help you learn something new about music every day and use your gadget as a microphone. Vanido features a bunch of singing quests that are aimed to teach you to feel the timing and the true pitch. The free version of Vanido provides you with 3 free lessons per day. If you want to unlock everything from the start, prepare $39.99 to buy a year subscription.  5. TED App – Smart Talks Over the last decade, TED Talk has become a voice of innovations and progressive thoughts. The show hosts politics, engineers, social activists, Now you can watch recordings from the show not only on YouTube but through the dedicated TED app too. It’s a totally free service that provides you with direct access to thousands of exciting that cover a wide range of topics. Unlike the YouTube channel, the app is supplied with real-time subtitles in 20 languages, including English for foreign language learners. You can get the app for free on the App Store and Google Play for free and without ads.  6. The Sculpt Society by Megan Roup – Shape Up Similarly to language courses, personal fitness training costs a small fortune. Luckily, you can save your money and stream lessons online with The Sculpt Society by Megan Roup. The app includes a library of workout classes that take from 5 to 50 minutes to complete. The exercises include a lot of dancing for cardio activity and short classes for charging up or pumping up separate groups of muscles. The Sculpt Society by Megan Roup experience is available for $19.99 per month on the App Store. 7. Aaptiv – Audio Workouts While the previous app offers you to watch how to work out, Aaptiv will provide you with audio guides. It lets you practice several sports, including yoga, elliptical, running, and even boxing. No matter how experienced you are in each of these disciplines, Aaptiv can be both simple and draining if you want. The monthly price of this app for Android and iOS users if $9.99. 8. Google Keep – To-Do Lists Google Keep is a simple to-do notepad that lets you synchronize all your notes on multiple devices. In Google Keep, you can make short notes and create notifications to follow your daily plans and accomplish everything in time. It’s a single list, available for all platforms that you use for work. Besides, you can share memos with your colleagues and family members! Your Turn Now that you know a bunch of new apps, you have nothing to do but to download at least one and start developing. They’re so easy to take and use, so why not try? Which of the apps on the list will you get first? Or maybe you’re using some of them already? Join the conversation in the comments and share the list with people you know to give them an idea of how to get better too! 25 Continue Reading