baby game plan 0-3

baby game plan 0-3
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baby game plan 0-3 Review

baby game plan 0-3 is an application created by . baby game plan 0-3 was first published on . It is currently available for Steam.

0-3 years old is the fastest growing phase of human beings which is very important for children. Children aged 0-3 years old feature great energy, good learning abilities, strong eagerness of learning and fast absorption of abound information. They can learn many languages at the same time that lays a good foundation for the language ability and other aspects of study in the future.
We developed this game by absorbing the scientific research results of the current developmental psychology, multiple intelligence and games of early education for babies’ characteristics at this stage. The game conveys information to babies with text, images and audios, stimulating the infants’ brain synaptic connections, exercising babies’language abilities, perception, memory, creativity and imagination so that cultivate infants and young children's interest in reading, music and mathematics, etc.. Children’ brains will be more powerful and more complete through scientific stimulation.

Features of the software:
1.Professional early education: It is tailored to children according to the learning characteristics of children aged 0-3 years old, which fully conforms to the scientific theoretical practice of development psychology, multiple intelligence and games of early education.
2.Bilingual teaching: By using two of the world's most widely used languages--English and Chinese as instruction languages which lays a better multilingual learning basis for children and broadens children’s international vision.
3.Time control: the software is set to study no more than half an hour, so that it can guarantee the baby's eyes would not be harmed.
4.Radom learning content: Babies can learn different things every time so that they will not be tired of the content.
5.Rich content: Looking, listening and thinking at the same time can develop children's language ability, ways of thinking, music, graphics, perception, memory and other abilities, comprehensively improve the babies’ multiple intelligence.
6.Studies have confirmed that watching a lot of entertainment programs will weaken the children’s learning interest. Our game has lovely game interface, delicate graphics, beautiful sound which make children happy. It can replace entertainment programs and cultivate baby's interest in learning, it lays a good foundation of learning for babies and let children win at the starting line.

In addition to this game, parents should do more contact and action games with infants and young children and give them suitable toys that match their ages and also take children out and do more outdoor and social activities.For example,when a baby can walk,water and sand are very good toys for them.They put on clothes that they are not afraid of getting dirty ,and they can be given more opportunities to play with water and sand on the premise of safety.
Due to the tight development time and lack of experience, if there are any errors, please leave a comment or send us a E-mail to contact us and give us feedback. In the future, we will enrich the content of the software,and according to the parents’ feedback, we will constantly optimize the products, making the game be the best tool of early education for 0-3 year-old babies, thank you!

Game's Design 9.7

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 10

The verdict 9.9

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