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Beetle Hunter
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Beetle Hunter Review

Beetle Hunter is an application by https://store.steampowered.com/curator/35935344?snr=1_5_9__2000. Beetle Hunter was first published on . Beetle Hunter is available on Steam.

BEETLE HUNTER is a simple first-person shooter. Beat various ferocious enemies, collect powerful weapons, explore the randomly generated complex steampunk stage, aim for the top floor and hunt the mighty beetle!

Update Info

version 1.1
  • Changed the timing of AutoSave.
  • Fixed bug: History's dead count.
  • Increased the rate of Heal item.
  • Increased the count of bullets.

Stages that changes every time

  • Go to the upper floor to defeat the giant beetle on the top floor. However, the structure of the stage changes every time. There is no point in remembering the stage structure.
  • The location of rooms with a lot of enemies and a lot of treasure chests are also different each time.
  • A simple map is displayed in the upper left of the screen. Once you have passed the area, it will be written on the map, so you can explore efficiently while looking at the map.
  • The atmosphere of the stage changes every 10th floor. The enemies will also be stronger. The attack of a strong enemy can defeat you in one shot, so proceed carefully.


  • Ants and hornets are weak but small so so let's aim well.
  • Mantis is strong because it attacks twice.
  • Watch out for locusts jumping.
  • If you only care about the floor, you will be killed by the spider on the ceiling.
  • The pill bug can be killed when turned over.
  • Be wary of enemies that are not insects. The enemy that comes out later appears occasionally.


  • Use 5 basic types of guns. An easy-to-use assault rifle against powerful enemies, a laser gun that can penetrate if many enemies are in line, and a shotgun are powerful at close range. If you use the rocket launcher, you can do powerful damage to the range. Save other bullets with an unlimited pistol for weak enemies.
  • You can also use a grenade when there are a lot of enemies. Grenades can also be used to destroy wires and rocks that block the way.
  • If you are surrounded by many enemies, it is also effective to use an item called Freeze. Frozen enemies will be released after passing a time or being attacked, so kill them one by one or run away.


  • There are two types of difficulty, normal and hard.
  • In normal mode, you can resume from autosave even if you are killed.
  • When you are killed in hard mode, it ends there.
  • In both modes, you can save and interrupt from the pause menu separately from autosave.

Game's Design 6.4

Story and Structure 10

Lasting Appeal 10

The verdict 8.8

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