Accurate Altimeter

Accurate Altimeter
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Accurate Altimeter Review. Check Your Altitude in Three Convenient Modes

The Accurate Altimeter Android app is one of the leading and most reliable apps to get readings of your altitude if you ever get stuck, utilizing three different methods to ensure that you get the most reliable information even without an Internet connection.


The UI for this APK version employs a rustic feel with a brown plywood background and three different altimeter gauges set against a dashboard. The design is uncluttered and enhances the mobility of the app. Above each indicator is displayed information relating to the northing and easting of your current location, and the elevation. A contour map and elevation chart are also provided.

In the settings, you can choose what mode to display. A panel on the left houses menu options which you can easily access with a simple touch.

Interface score: 8/10

Key Features

The Accurate Altimeter APK lets you estimate your altitude using three different methods for a more reliable and accurate result. You have satellite triangulation which is slower but doesn’t need an Internet connection, a web service to provide a precise description of your ground elevation, and the pressure sensor on your Android mobile device. For the latter method, if data from a weather station nearby is available, the app will calibrate itself to get a more accurate reading.

The app will highlight the estimate in green if it is reliable and red or orange if it is not. Satellite triangulation may give slightly inaccurate readings of up to 20m or more, especially indoors or in areas of poor sky visibility such as deep gorges and canyons. The web service method wholly relies on GPS and Wi-Fi. Therefore, it is crucial to turn these on. The third method relies on 3rd party data for accuracy, i.e., from an airport or a weather station. Thus it might not give accurate readings if it can’t access data from these sources using the Internet.

Having all three methods ensures you have the best possible estimate of your altitude.

The Google Play app for altitude measuring is free to get. There are also in-app purchases ranging from $3, such as an ad-free and paid version that enables you to calibrate your app’s weather sensor. This is an app for all Android devices, with the compatible Android version varying with the device.

Features score: 7/10


The app is generally easy to use. The UI is intuitive and straightforward to navigate through.

Connectivity is a bit slow sometimes, but I understand that that might be because of issues with the Internet provider and not the app. I’ve experienced crashes once or twice, but the support team always responds to queries. Readings are also a bit off sometimes, and I’ve had occasions where all three readings I’m getting are way off the mark.

User experience score: 7/10

Frequent updates are provided for this app, with the latest version having a more pleasant UI. I like the pictures feature which allows you to impress a photo of a place with its name and altitude. Also, I no longer experience any freezing with the app.

Bottom Line

I’d definitely recommend this as a handy tool to have on your phone, though it is only available for Google Android but not iOS.

Interface 8

Key Features 7

Usability 7

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