Walk with Map My Walk

Walk with Map My Walk
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Walk With Map My Walk Review – Track And Map Your Walking Route

Walk with Map My Walk app is a light and simple tool developed by MapMyFitness, Inc. The developer is famous for its mobile fitness apps for Android and iOS. App branding informs us that it is sponsored by Under Armour Company. You can map not only your walk but your run, ride, hike and fitness. Get the necessary type of app depending on your favorite activity. In this review, we are going to consider pros and cons of Walk with Map My Walk.


Map My Walk, and other fitness apps from this developer are all created minimalistic, contain no unnecessary details, have straightforward navigation and nicely separated screens for each task: tracking, sharing, choosing the route, the calendar. You can start tracking your current route in a click and that is extremely important for fitness trackers of this kind – no one wants wasting time on that. I rate the app with a 10 for its nice purple color, large buttons, and seamless navigation.

Key Features

The app is a discovery for those who choose walking or jogging as a main fitness activity. In 90% of cases, the tracking is pretty accurate, even when you choose unmarked trails. The app can track your distance, time spent, average pace, cadence and heart rate. Besides you can receive information on the calories burnt. Some people decide to get this tool for their Android or iOS to calculate calories burnt – it can fulfill this task as well.

Create new routes at the MapMyWalk website or choose routes offered by other users in the community. A very useful feature is voice alert at pre-marked distance intervals or time for you not to get distracted on the way.

There are users, who would appreciate if this app had a nutritional section, but I don’t care. It can be synced with MyFitnessPal for weight loss purposes.

The community consists of over 40 million people, who share their experience, set new goals and create great walking routes nearby. I used this opportunity a lot and hope you will do this as well. It helps me stay motivated and be a part of a global community of walking or jogging fans. My mark is 10 out of 10 – because I like it 100%.


I’ve been using the app for a few months and noticed no major bugs or crushes on my Android. However, some users report errors and wrong tracking data: for example, the app shows 2 hours of walking instead of almost 3 or shows different distance for the same route. I cannot say if it is true or false, my experience of using Map My Walk on Android showed its measurements were quite accurate. The app can be installed, if your Android is 4.3 or later or your iOS is 10 or later. You can use Map My Walk on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, although I can’t imagine anyone using the latter option.

All in all my estimation is 9/10 for reading error reports from other users and strict requirements for iOS version.

Bottom Line

Map My Walk app is good to have if you want to track time you spend walking, speed and distance, control your heart rate and calories burnt and do that for free. I recommend it as an easy-to-use and free product for simple and quite accurate fitness tracking. It contains all it should contain and nothing extra. Due to that, the app can be either highly appreciated or disappointing – it’s up to you to decide.

Interface 10

Key Features 10

Usability 9

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