Nowait - Restaurant Wait Times

Nowait - Restaurant Wait Times
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Nowait - Restaurant Wait Times Review. Less Waiting, More Food

Nowait is a leading app brings you over 4000 restaurants right on your Google Android or iOS device, allowing you to place your name on the restaurant waiting line without ever showing up physically. This effectively speeds up the waiting time and enhances the customer experience.


The UI on the iOS and Android app is a rich mix of colorful graphics and HD gourmet pictures and looks good on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android mobile. The design is intuitive, and you can see all details of your restaurant, from the estimated wait time, your place in the line, and a large ‘get in line’ blue icon at the bottom. You’ll also be able to see the opening and closing times of the different restaurants. At the bottom, you can also choose to edit your profile and add a picture.

The app design is sleek and quite intuitive. The graphics are large, and you can easily slide through the various screens. Interface score: 9/10

Key Features

The Nowait app offers you tools to browse restaurants from a catalog of about 4000 and rising. You can also see estimated waiting time which depends on such factors as how long you are willing to wait for a table and whether you need to drive.

You can add names and party size from your own profile, and you will get text notifications when your table is ready. You may also text back if you are running late. The Nowait app saves time and also gives diners confidence that they will be served on time. Users can add other details to their wait-in request such as birthdays, notes and requests for high chairs. Developers claim that with Nowait getting a seat at a busy restaurant is not challenging anymore.

The app is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 9.0 or later, and also it is an app for all Android devices, with the APK running on Android 4.4 or higher. Both the App Store and Google Play app for saving your time are free to download, and there are no in-app purchases.

Features score: 7/10


While the app should have great features, its implementation is far from great. I don’t understand why you need the app which is supposed to place you in line at a restaurant only for you to get to the restaurant and be required to check in again. I‘m not sure if this was the experience of other users or whether it was an isolated incident. The data doesn’t seem accurate in some instances. The app crashes way too frequently, and even my updates haven’t helped much.

User experience score: 4/10

There are too many crashes and freezes on both IPA and APK download. The latest version offered a fix for the crashing I experienced but this only reduced the frequency of the bugs. There aren’t any new features I’ve seen so far other than new restaurants being added.

Bottom Line

This app has a great design, but the implementation is disappointing. The app hasn’t worked well for me on both tries, and other customer reviews aren’t too positive about the experience. Despite that, the idea is great and could potentially save folks lots of waiting time. I recommend this app with a pinch of salt.

Interface 9

Key Features 7

Usability 4

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