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Samsung Health
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Samsung Health Review – Comprehensive Multi-Platform Tool for Getting Fitter and Healthier

Samsung Health (previous name S Health) is an app created for tracking, analyzing and improving the aspects of your lifestyle, such as daily activities, health parameters and diet. The app is supported not only by Samsung devices. To get it from the App Store, you need to own any of Samsung fitness bands or smartwatches. Here is a firsthand experience of using Samsung Health app.


The interface is colorful enough, but looks extremely user-friendly for people of any age, gender and digital experience. As this is a brand-building product, no wonder developers did their best to create a stylish and attractive design that matches Samsung company identity: light, clean and hi-tech. The collected data is presented in the easily understandable infographics. The navigation between the screens is simple – it is clear from the first use where to find necessary features. The tabs include Me, Friends, Experts and Discover. In one of the latest app versions, developers added an option to contact a doctor that is covered by most of the insurance packages and is now available for US residents only. 10/10.

Key Features

The leading tasks of Samsung Health app are acting like a pedometer and sleep tracker. Although some users say it doesn’t count steps accurately enough, in my case it worked okay. The most surprising is that wearable devices are not required for most of the app features. Besides step counting and sleep tracking the app contains the following functions:

  • Recording meals and water intake

  • Controlling caffeine intake

  • Recording weight and tracking progress

  • In-built sleep and stress tracker

With the help of inbuilt sensors and wearables, you can extend the range of functions with:

  • Blood pressure and blood sugar level control

  • Stress and heart rate levels (for Samsung Galaxy only) – use camera and flash to monitor these parameters

  • Oxygen saturation measurement

But I haven’t tested these functions

Every morning you are to specify when you fell asleep last night and woke up this morning to measure the sleep duration. It would be great if the app could consider sleep quality, but so far it seems unrealistic.

With Samsung Health you can compete with friends – use the ‘Together’ tab to see their activity and beat them. To use these options, you need to verify your account by confirming your phone number. After that you can view, who of your contacts has already installed the app, join challenges and invite your friends to take part.

Under the ‘Me’ tab you can manage items and arrange blocks with stats and shortcuts using drag-and-drop method. You can set your own goals or use in-app programs for running a 5K or 10K.

The nutrition section contains a large database of foods for you to track calories. All that deserves 10/10.


For about 10 days of use, the app performance was stable and smooth – the calculations worked right, the pedometer counted an adequate number of steps.

All your personal data is encrypted and backed up for fast and easy restoration on a new device, if necessary. I find user experience of Samsung Health enjoyable. It requires Android 5.0 and above and iOS 9.0 and later. 10/10.

Bottom Line

Samsung Health is useful if you want to keep track of your fitness level, control your calorie and water intake, set running goals or limit coffee consumption. In fact, this app can substitute a few simple fitness & health apps you may be using at the moment. You can feel the quality of the product in every tap. You can safely give it a try.

Interface 10

Key Features 10

Usability 10

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